90 sparkling years

To mark the round anniversary, Gasteiner Mineralwasser CEO Walter Scherb and Director of the Association of the Friends of the Hohe Tauern National Park Peter Rupitsch hosted a press conference followed by a tour of the plant. A new project to conserve the domestic river trout species was also presented at the event.  

Conservation of the springs for the benefit of humans and animals

The close cooperation between Hohe Tauern National Park and Gasteiner Mineralwasser dates back 20 years now, and was further stepped up this year. According to Gasteiner CEO Walter Scherb, “The Hohe Tauern National Park and we share the same goal as partners: to conserve the springs, not only for the benefit of humans, but also for the ecosystem. A very special project came to our attention that is dedicated to conserving the river trout species.” As part of the Lemon Challenge that the company initiated to launch the Gasteiner Lemon, Grapefruit and Orange drinks and the go4health Challenge, a total of EUR 5,000 was raised to benefit conservation of the domestic river trout in the Hohe Tauern National Park. Peter Rupitsch, Director of the Association of the Friends of the Hohe Tauern National Park, took the opportunity during the anniversary event to express his thanks for the many years of cooperation, saying “With an area of 1856 km, the Hohe Tauern National Park is the largest conservation area in the European Alps. Gasteiner Mineralwasser has been committed for years to conserving unspoiled landscapes and the impressive flora and fauna.”

Future outlook

Cooperation with the Hohe Tauern National Park, however, is naturally just one of many initiatives launched by Gasteiner Mineralwasser in the field of sustainable development. “When it comes to sustainability, it’s a top priority for us to maintain the right balance between commercial success, environmental aims and social responsibility. Gasteiner has risen to that challenge for 90 years now and we’re striving to increase our efforts still further so that Austrians can enjoy our unique water without limitation for the next hundred years and more,” concludes CEO Walter Scherb.

1327: Gastein’s thermal water was first referred to in writing as “medicinal drinking water” in 1327. Drinking thermal water from Gastein has been popular throughout the centuries ever since.

1886: The Family Fund of the House of Habsburg acquired the thermal springs of Bad Gastein and then leased them to the town in 1887, which finally bought them in 1912.

1919: Local hoteliers took the first steps to launch the sale of Gastein water for drinking purposes. They founded a company in cooperation with a mineral water wholesale trader and with representatives of the city and the state of Salzburg.

1929: The Gasteiner Tafelwasser brand and company were established. Water has been bottled from the Elisabeth Spring, named after Empress Elisabeth of Austria (“Sisi”), since then. Since that time, the bottle design has featured motifs evoking the source of Gasteiner water.

1949: The water was renamed for the first time to “Original Gasteiner Medicinal Table Water”.

1985: Decades later, the name of the mineral water was changed again, this time to “Gasteiner Crystal Clear”.

1990: The visual branding was adjusted to lend even greater emphasis to the water’s alpine source. Even today, every Gasteiner bottle evokes the source of the crystal-clear mineral water: the mountain landscape of Bad Gastein.

2008: The Gasteiner brand underwent a complete relaunch to make the brand identity more modern and contemporary. For example, a new design bottle was launched in the hotel, restaurant and catering segment. The exceptional design won numerous awards (such as the “Austrian State Prize for Exemplary Packaging”, the HGV Praxis (an Austrian periodical for the Horeca sector) award, the corporate design prize of the state of Salzburg and the “iF Product Design Award”).

2017: To highlight its unique source in the depths of the Hohe Tauern, Gasteiner Mineralwasser introduced a fresh, crystal-clear corporate design in 2017. In addition to updating its logo and packaging, the long-standing company also changed the “Gasteiner – And the moment is yours” claim.

2018: Pünktlich zum Start des Rekordsommers 2018 brachte Gasteiner Mineralwasser eine echte Innovation im Near Water-Segment auf den Markt: Gasteiner Lemon. Dieses prickelnde Erfrischungsgetränk enthält als einziges seiner Art kein Aroma und keinen Zucker, sondern lediglich reinen, direkt gepressten Zitronensaft.

2018: Right at the start of the record summer in 2018, Gasteiner Mineralwasser launched a true innovation in the near water segment: Gasteiner Lemon. This sparkling soft drink is the only one of its kind not to have any flavourings or sugar, just pure, freshly squeezed lemon juice.

2019: Gasteiner Mineralwasser has been fully owned by food producer Spitz since the start of 2019. According to CEO Walter Scherb, “As a family business, we’re looking forward to taking the next step and acquiring the remaining shares in Gasteiner Mineralwasser.”

2019: Three new soft drinks were launched in spring 2019: Gasteiner Lemon, Gasteiner Grapefruit and Gasteiner Orange. They are a combination of the purest, sparkling Gasteiner water and freshly squeezed fruit juice in a handy 0.33-litre can.


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