“The call of the mountains!”: Challenge. Pleasure. Relaxation. Fulseck – Schuhflicker – Gasteiner Höhe.

A tour for skilled mountain enthusiasts.
From the mountain station at Fulseck, head north along the ridge until you come to the Arltörl. From there, continue north on the path leading to the weather cross. Where the path branches off to the Schuhflicker, continue north. From here, total concentration is paramount. Zigzag paths lead you to a wind gap. From there, a steep path with safety ropes leads straight to the summit. Caution is advised, especially in damp conditions.
Following this challenge, your reward is a spectacular view that can be enjoyed only by those who conquer the summit. A true Gasteiner moment.
Passing by the Schuhflickersee, the return journey begins. At the junction, keep on the path towards Gasteiner Höhe. After an hour’s hike, the path leads to the Steiner Hochalm and then on to Dorfgastein.
Refreshments are available at the Gipfelstadl Fulseck or on the Steiner Hochalm.

Tour data:
Start: Dorfgastein
Terrain: hard
Duration: 6 hrs
Length: 17.1 km
Height climbed: 700 m
Highest point: 2,180 m
Lowest point: 850 m


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