Whether sparkling, semi-sparkling or still, drinking plenty of water keeps us healthy.

Water is a true wonder – it enhances our hair, boosts our skin and helps improve kidney function and digestion. boosting our productivity and fitness.

And, hand on heart, who doesn’t want to be in excellent shape for all the wonderful moments awaiting us in life? We’re here to help with our tips on drinking water for the office and everyday life:

Tip 1 – everything’s easier with a partner

Trust in this golden rule and look for somebody to do the challenge with you.

Tip 2 – always have water within reach

Put your glass or bottle within reach and in sight. As you know, out of sight, out of mind.

Tip 3 – always top up

You’re more likely to take a sip from time to time, if your glass is full. So don’t forget to fill your glass up again when it’s empty.

Tip 4 – keep note of reaching your goals

Reward and motivate yourselves by marking your goals reached in your personal drink calendar. Get your free drink calender now

Tip 5 – variety is the spice of life

You don’t always have to drink water by itself. You can also spice it up with pieces of fruit or vegetables. Or why not try unsweetened tea or infused water?

Tip 6 – drink water at mealtimes

Make sure you drink water before and between meals. As a positive side effect, it curbs the appetite and helps with losing weight.

Tip 7 – drink water at the start and end of the day

Take on and complete the challenge! Share your experiences with us and one another, and you might be in for a treat.

We’re giving away an Ulla among all those who share their personal experiences with us. Ulla is a device that reminds you to drink enough. How does it work? Ulla can be attached to any bottle of your choice. The reminder device detects when you drink, and if you forget it starts to flash. That means it’s time for you to take your next sip of water 😊

So, get drinking water for the #gasteinerdrinkchallenge!

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