Hike to your limit, with Gasteiner. Hüttenkogel - Graukogel - Tour.

A tough 5 km tour. From the top station of the Graukogel II cable car, you follow a narrow path along the western ridge to Hüttenkogel. The short, rocky, steep route is not to be underestimated. Along the Andreas path you reach the lower summit of Graukogel, where the climb to the summit starts. Not the route for people who do not have a head for heights; there are steep drops to the left and right. This unmarked route with several climbing sections is suitable for experienced mountaineers.

Tour data:
Start: Bad Gastein
Difficulty: Very difficult
Duration: 03:15 h
Length: 5 km
Elevation: 520 m
Highest point: 2453 m
Lowest point: 1943 m


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