Relaxation made easy. The Arltörl energy zones.

Get new strength with Gasteiner. Discover the beauty of nature around Dorfgastein. After a short ride to the top of the Fulseck cable car, follow the trail heading north past a series of small ponds that are home to rare animals such as salamanders and newts. Enjoy the glorious view on the short descent to Arltörl. This path is also called the biotope trail and the energy zone walk. For good reason, because on this 5 km walk you can relax as you breathe in pure mountain air at around 2000 m above sea level, chill out and recharge with new energy.

Feel free to stop for a break at one of the alpine huts along the way – Heumoosalm, Grabnerhütte and Gipflstadl Fulseck.

Tour data:
Start: Dorfgastein
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 02:30 h
Length: 5.4 km
Elevation: 100 m
Highest point: 2006 m
Lowest point: 1451 m


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