The most beautiful time in life consists of those moments that you consciously enjoy. In the here and now, to the full. Discover your moment! With Gasteiner crystal clear, the unique mineral water from the depths of the pristine mountains of the Hohe Tauern.


In 2024, after a successful test year, the Gastein Infinity Music Tour will take off in a big way on a smaller scale, promising people all over Austria precious music, sampling tours with live acts and endless emotions to experience.

Spring 2019 also saw the launch of three new soft drinks in innovative packaging never before seen in this category: Gasteiner Lemon, Gasteiner Grapefruit and Gasteiner Orange in a can. Here, purest, sparkling water meets directly pressed fruit juice, united in the practical 0.33 liter can - the 100% natural refreshment for on the go. Due to the great success, the range was expanded in the following two years to include the varieties apple and currant.

In order to make the brand presence modern and contemporary, Gasteiner underwent a comprehensive relaunch. Among other things, a new design bottle was introduced in the gastronomy sector. The unusual model received numerous awards in the process (e.g..: "Austrian State Award for Exemplary Packaging", HGV Practice Award, Salzburg State Award for Corporate Design, "if product Design Award").

In order to emphasise the alpine origin even more clearly, the visual appearance was adapted. To this day, every Gasteiner bottle reminds us of the origin of the crystal-clear mineral water - the mountainous world of Bad Gastein.

Decades later, the name of the mineral water was once again adapted to the times and from then on it was sold under the name "Gasteiner Kristallklar".

The "Allerhöchste Familienfond Habsburg" acquired the "Thermalquellen zu Bad Gastein" and finally leased them to the municipality in 1887, which finally bought them in 1912.

Gastein thermal water was first mentioned in a document as a source of spa water as early as 1327. So we know, that people have been enjoying Gasteiner thermal water for many centuries.

The founding year of the brand and the company Gasteiner Tafelwasser. From this point on, motifs around the origin of Gasteiner adorn the bottle design.

At this time, the first commercial exploitation of Gasteiner water for drinking purposes was set in motion by local hoteliers. They founded a company with a mineral water wholesaler and representatives from the city and province of Salzburg.