Real moments of success

We place great value on the professional presentation of our caterers.
That is why we have developed a comprehensive advice and service concept for catering – and not just for
mineral water on its own. With our product range we can help you optimise your profits from mineral water sales!
If you have any questions we would be pleased to hear from you. You can simply send an email to or contact our
local Area Sales Manager.

Gasteiner and wine – a profitable duo

Mineral water as an alternative to tap water offers advantages for the guest and for the caterer:
The service personnel offer the first bottle “on the house” with each bottle of wine. The guest then pays
the sales price of € 4.60, for example, for every additional bottle of Gasteiner mineral water!

Gasteiner and coffee – a valued added combination

Offering water with coffee is vital. Gasteiner mineral water with your coffee is double the pleasure: for the guest and the caterer.
Prompted by the service personnel and supported by suitable tabletop advertising, the guest is encouraged
to enjoy refreshing Gasteiner mineral water with their coffee.

Gasteiner to light meals – the perfect companion

Our balanced mineral water perfectly matches vital cuisine!
Use Gasteiner at a combo price to leverage additional sales of salads and light meals.


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