The most beautiful time in life consists of those moments that you consciously enjoy. In the here and now, to the full. Discover your moment! With Gasteiner crystal clear, the unique mineral water from the depths of the pristine mountains of the Hohe Tauern.

Gasteiner mineral water. Unique in its origin

Go to your limit, with Gasteiner

These 5 km are tough - but with Gasteiner Energy Water you have enough energy to master every climb. From the mountain station of the Graukogelbahn II, the trail follows a narrow path along the western flank to the Hüttenkogel. The short rocky and steep stretches are not to be underestimated. Via the Andreasweg you reach the fore-summit of the Graukogel from where the climb to the summit begins. If you are afraid of heights, you are in the wrong place here, as there is a steep descent to the left and right. The unmarked path, with some climbing sections, is therefore reserved for alpine-experienced mountaineers.

Master data of the tour:
Starting point: Bad Gastein
Difficulty: Very difficult
Duration: 03:15 h
Length: 5 km
Altitude difference: 520 hm
Highest point: 2453 m
Lowest point: 1943 m