The most beautiful time in life consists of those moments that you consciously enjoy. In the here and now, to the full. Discover your moment! With Gasteiner crystal clear, the unique mineral water from the depths of the pristine mountains of the Hohe Tauern.

Gasteiner mineral water. Unique in its origin

Running for beginners

Running doesn't really need much: a pair of high-quality running shoes and a bit of motivation - and if you still can't get going right away, then the natural, long-lasting energy kick from Gasteiner Energy Water will help you!


Your personal running plan

If running is to become an integral part of your life, regularity is the key to success. No doubt your schedule is packed with work and personal commitments, so it's best to set aside your running times as appointments. Start small and begin with one or two training sessions per week and gradually increase them. Focus more on the quality of your run than the duration. If your goal is to run regularly, small and short runs are often the best approach. This way, running quickly becomes a habit and you are more likely to stick with it in the long run.


Prevent injuries

Help your body recover faster and prevent injuries! It is important to warm up before and after each run: 5 minutes and a few exercises per leg are enough.

  • Bend the knee of your front leg, extend the back leg and hold the position for 10 seconds.
  • When jumping, try to bring the knees as far as possible to the chest.
  • Grasp your foot and stretch it upwards towards your buttocks.
  • Stand up straight with your feet closed. Now rotate your legs gently in a circle.
  • Try to reach your buttocks with your heels at a fast pace.
  • Stretch your leg a little to the side and make circular movements.


Keep motivation high

Sticking to your training plan can be a real challenge for novice runners: running can be a lot of fun, but what happens when your motivation level drops? It's best to get an app that works for you to remind you of your achievements and keep you motivated for your weekly runs. Create a playlist and measure your steps, speed, duration and route of your run. Some apps provide features that allow you to compete with friends. Maybe you'll get an extra motivation kick out of that 😉. 


liquid and energy

Top performances require proper nutrition, sufficient water and an adequate energy supply. The best way to get the necessary energy kick is naturally, for example with Gasteiner Energy Water - directly pressed fruit juice, natural caffeine from the green coffee bean and of course refreshing Gasteiner mineral water. It is in the nature of Gasteiner mineral water to activate the vitality of body and mind: Only a few substances are dissolved on the way through the hard primary rock, but Gasteiner acquires optimal conductivity in the process. This special ionisation helps to bring nutrients and oxygen faster and better to the cells and to remove harmful substances more easily. In this way, your body is optimally supplied with water, which is reflected in your performance, vitality and ability to concentrate. Perfectly hydrated - it feels as if a cool mountain spring is bubbling through every single cell and refreshing it. Optimal! To keep your nutrition optimal, it's best to treat yourself to a small snack half an hour before your running workout. A banana, a sandwich or muesli with skimmed milk will provide you with energy for a longer period of time and you will still not feel too full and can take off inspired.