Crystal Clear!

Crystal clear from the mountains: Gasteiner mineral water comes from the depths of the pristine world of the High Tauern. It is a unique mineral water with trace elements balanced by nature to provide a healthy and refreshing drink.

A sparkling experience

The world is full of adventures! Gasteiner Sparkling – crystal clear and pure, with 6.5 grams of carbon dioxide per litre, it is the right accompaniment. The moments in life that really get under your skin.

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Download sales folder

There are some moments in life that we want to let sink in while we relax. Gasteiner Mild is light and pearly with 3.5 grams of carbon dioxide per litre – for pure enjoyment and real calmness.

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Still water runs deep

Sometimes being still makes the most beautiful noise in the world. Gasteiner Still is pure and without carbon dioxide, exactly how the water is in the mountain world of the High Tauern. For quiet moments in life when we can simply wind down and relax.

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