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Workout routines

More energy for your workout routine

In the beginning, you start out full of motivation, but when the going gets tough, it's often only the routine that keeps you going. It takes some time to establish a certain - so how do you stay on track and cement your personal workout routine?


Everybody knows one of these people: they manage to go to the gym regularly and have a functioning social life on top of it, despite their organised daily routine. They are the ones who jump right out of bed at dawn into their running shoes and sprint off. They quickly put in a routine workout during their lunch break and at the end of the day they never have to choose between couch and workout because the question never arises.


They exist and you can be one of them. But until you reach such a point, you have to grit your teeth and keep going. The "European Journal of Social Psychology"( has thought about how long it takes to establish a routine and has published a study on the subject. The result: On average, it takes more than 2 months for a habit to become automatic. To be more precise, about 66 days. So what happens next?


1. create as many small sessions as you can
To keep fit, it's best to work out at shorter times every day. Do an intense HIIT session right after waking up, a micro-workout with lunges and squats while brushing your teeth, and end the day with a short run. Your brain learns through the repetitions and the more often this happens, the faster you create routines.


2. never get discouraged
Of course, creating routines is not easy. But with a goal in mind, you can do it! Hang a picture of your slimmer days on the fridge or write down your wishes. If you slip up, don't be discouraged and just keep going. It's important that slips don't happen more often and ideally never in succession, otherwise you can easily lose momentum.


3. promote feelings of happiness!
Do you remember how you felt after your last workout? Were you exhausted but proud? Hey - you've got good reason to be proud, because you overcame your weaker self! Consciously recapture this feeling when you lack motivation to continue to work out. Then it will be easier for you!


Drink more water for better performance
If you sometimes feel too weak for training, drink more water. Often the drop in performance is due to a lack of water. Gasteiner mineral water activates your body and mind through its optimal conductivity. Dehydration is even worse during training, as it can lead to cramps and muscle twitching. The special ionisation of Gasteiner mineral water transports nutrients and oxygen faster and better to where they are needed. A guideline is 2 litres of water per day. However, if you are in a training phase, you should drink even more! It's best to drink one litre of water 1 hour before training and to regenerate the whole body after training. This is the best way to start your training and you will not only quickly get into the routine of your workout plan, but also drink enough.


Conclusion: Be consistent and patient, because a new habit takes about 60 days to become a routine. Work on your goals every day and associate positive feelings with your training - this will make everything easier. If you don't have any motivation on some days, do a short workout rather than none at all to reinforce your routine. Stay hydrated so your body can perform at its best and you can be active from the start.