Nature is beautiful
and worth protecting

Mother nature gives us our crystal clear Gasteiner water – even more reason for us
to treat her with the greatest respect!

Gasteiner in a can
Pleasing to the environment, too

You can enjoy our products with a clear conscience. As we know just how important and valuable the preservation of natural resources is, we cultivate a sustainable approach to the environment. Which is also the reason for the choice of the can. Thus, Gasteiner remains true to its real nature: to guarantee unique, natural refreshment, always and everywhere, in harmony with our understanding of sustainability.
Besides many other benefits, cans are 100% recyclable without any loss of quality, saving 95% energy compared to a can produced from scratch.

Gasteiner wins “Austrian Sustainability Reporting Award”

In September 2016, Gasteiner mineral water won the Austrian Chamber of Trustees’ “Austran Sustainibility Reporting Award” (ASRA)
in the category “GRI first report”. More proof of ongoing efforts by the Gasteiner mineral water company in terms of sustainability!

Gasteiner wins GREEN BRANDS Austria Seal

Full of taste, healthy and sustainable
Austrian mineral water producer, Gasteiner, recently won an accolade for its measures in climate protection,
sustainability and ecological responsibility and was awarded the GREEN BRANDS Austria Seal. In addition to the focus on using and
processing regional raw materials, the company places great value on energy efficiency, recycling solutions as well as
avoiding transport and reducing CO2 emissions.

Löwenzahn in Gasteiner Flasche am Rapsfeld


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