Die schönste Zeit im Leben bestehe aus jenen Momenten, die man ganz bewusst genießt. Im Hier und Jetzt, aus vollen Zügen. Entdecke deinen Moment! Mit Gasteiner kristallklar, dem einzigartigen Mineralwasser aus der Tiefe der unberührten Bergwelt der Hohen Tauern.

We are

Gasteiner mineral water is of unique origin. It is the only mineral water that springs from the depths of the pure, pristine mountain world of the national park „Hohe Tauern“, which is located in the heart of the Austrian Alps.

The unique origin of Gasteiner mineral water is reflected in its taste – it is pure, natural and crystal clear. This is exactly how the water is bottled in Bad Gastein directly at its source. That is why our Gasteiner mineral water is so refreshing. It carries the untamed power of pure and untouched alpine nature within itself – and you can feel it with every sip.

Mineral water

Gasteiner is one of world's purest mineral waters – you can tell from its fresh, natural taste. Its balanced mineralisation gives you new energy and activates your inner stength – the strength to move mountains.


Gasteiner Fruity is a unique refreshing drink made of sparkling Gasteiner water, the juice of directly pressed fruits and nothing else. No added sugar. No additional flavours. Simply 100 % natural!

Refreshing the Austrian pavilion
at the Dubai 2020 Expo

Gasteiner is one of the most popular and well-known Austrian mineral water brands. As a proud water partner of the Austrian pavilion of the Dubai 2020 Expo, we would like to extend a refreshing welcome to all visitors in search of new inspiration and promising business opportunities.

Gasteiner – a strong
partner by nature

Gasteiner has always been known as a competent and reliable partner in the Austrian gastronomy sector. Our customers know, that they can rely on our experience and support. Have you thought about optimising your product range or would you like to find out about our special conditions for distributers, restaurants or catering industry partners? We are glad to offer our advice.